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Childcare Sage Testimonials

The Childcare Sage system has been available since 2002, and is now being used in many countries all over the world. Our goal was to create a professional system that all centers could use and afford. Over the years, we have received a lot of wonderful feedback about our software. From the many testimonials that we have received and are receiving, we have selected several brief testimonials to publish:

I have found the Childcare Sage Software program to be very functional and versatile. In my previous center I used another program which was considerably more expensive, and I have found that Childcare Sage is more user-friendly, and it is a fraction of the price. My favorite part of the Childcare Sage product is the customer service. I have found that they are extremely responsive. I would very highly recommend this program.
Amy W, NY

We talked a few months ago regarding a more customized contact report than what is available in the software. First, I want to tell how great it is that you offered this extra service to me. Also, I wanted to thank you on your outstanding customer service. So thanks so much.
Michelle B, MO

This is a very good system.
Thanks for your time and patience.
Sharon M, TX

Thank you again for everything and I truly love working with this program.
Jill L, IA

Your product is outstanding and we are very happy with our choice in your company's product.
Laura B, NJ

Thank you so much for the support this afternoon! It's amazing how my team and I are used to using your software.
We just can not do a great job at this daycare without having our childcare sage!
Laura F, FL

Our business just wanted to thank you for such a great program...We absolutely love it! We enjoy the click of the button billing system, children's ledgers and also sign in sheets! Sure makes it seem so easy after handwriting them for over 3 years! Thanks again, we couldn't be more pleased.
Chauncie C, MO

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