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We receive many calls from centers looking for childcare management software, and we are usually asked why our software is so much less expensive than our competitors? There are 5 ways we keep our prices reasonable:
1) we don't employ a large sales force,
2) we don't charge for modules, add-ons, or network licensing,
3) we market efficiently and don't take out full page ads in every childcare magazine,
4) we rely on referrals, and
5) we price our software based on our support and update costs, not our initial development costs.

Another way we answer this question is to ask why software to manage a childcare center should cost thousands of dollars. What other software to run a business costs thousands of dollars?

However, the best thing about our software is that you are not only getting the best value, but you are also getting the best software. The value of our software goes far beyond its price. Our software accounting is centered on payers instead of families, making it much more flexible and comprehensive. Our billing system is the most advanced on the market, and our batch functionality is the most comprehensive on the market. Our features speak for themselves.

Since we don't have modules, we always like to compare prices fairly. Below is a list of modules and their prices that most users would need from Procare™ and EZ-Care2™ to run their centers:

Procare Mini ™: (less than 60 families)
Family Data ($349)
Family Accounting ($199)
Attendance Tracker ($199)
Agency Accounting ($99)
Employee Data ($249)
Payroll ($149)
Accounts Payable ($399)
Total: $1,643

Procare™: (more than 60 families)
Family Data ($695)
Family Accounting ($395)
Attendance Tracker ($395)
Agency Accounting ($195)
Employee Data ($495)
Payroll ($295)
Accounts Payable ($795)
Total: $3,265

EZ-Care2™: (unlimited)
Management Package ($1995)
Database / Center Manager
Family / Child Drawer / Staff Drawer
Accounts Receivable
Advanced Attendance / Billing
Custom Report Writer / Database Personalization
+ Accounts Payable ($395)
Total: $2,400

CHILDCARE Sage™: (unlimited)

Total: $895

The prices speak for themselves!

Whether you are a new center that just opened or an established center that has been around for 20 years, we believe that all centers should use our software. Our software is an investment that you make in your center. We also understand that in these tough times, finances can be tight. In addition to our reasonable prices, we also offer payment plans to help every center purchase our software. Our payment plan is very simple: $295 down and $200 a month until the software is paid off. We don't charge interest and we don't have a payment plan surcharge.

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