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Childcare Sage ACH/EFT Functionality

To help your center more easily collect childcare charges from parents, the Childcare Sage includes Electronic Fund Transfer functionality that can automatically transfer funds from parent bank accounts or credit cards into your center's bank account.

There are many reasons why you should use this functionality for your center, including:
1) You save time and effort, and don't have to remind parents to pay their bill,
2) You eliminate the most unpleasant part of operating a childcare center which is collecting payments,
3) You don't have to go to the bank to deposit checks,
4) You can automatically add additional charges such as late pickup, registration, and field trip charges to the transfer, and
5) You can accept credit cards in addition to electronic checks

Our goal in the Childcare Sage was to tailor EFT functionality to the needs of the childcare center. For each family that signs up for EFT functionality, you can setup which day they want to pay, as well as how often. You can also setup unlimited EFT accounts under each family. This gives you the ability to switch between bank account and credit card for families whenever you want. This can be used to charge a credit card if an electronic check gets returned.

To use the EFT functionality in the Childcare Sage, you need to set up an account. Please email or call us to get started.

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